The following information is a legal requirement for me to make clear to you. 

This website is the main portal of information for the Confident Childbirth method. Each practitioner is responsible for their own individual practice and offerings including data protection. The Confident Childbirth method offers a fabulous framework and set of protocols for practitioners to use only and I do not follow up or check their individual data protection measures. 

If you are booking a session or programme in another Confident Childbirth Practitioner, please refer to their privacy statement and contract requirements.


Confident Childbirth with Clare Burgess or direct contact via this website.

This is only relevant for clients of Clare Burgess. Before working with me, I will ask you to read the following and acknowledge you are in agreement before we start.

Most of my clients book sessions online with me and as part of booking a session, I will ask you to agree to my terms and conditions including this privacy policy. 

Privacy Policy Details – 2020

Your Data Controller is: 

Clare Burgess,
Reading Therapy Centre,
6b Church Street,
Reading, RG1 2SB


Your name, postcode, telephone number, email address; plus, the package or session type you have signed up for and the dates we have worked together will be kept.

A practitioner may also take some notes through our session which help me to provide the right treatment for you, these are based on our discussion and my observations. These are kept in line with professional guidelines and privacy requirements for up to 8 years. You have the right to request to see these at any time.  You also have the right to request for these to be deleted.

In some cases, with your permission, I might audio record the session or parts of the session. The purpose of these recordings is to help tailor support materials or our treatment plan. These recordings will be deleted once the follow up materials or plans are completed. You have the right to say no to this recording and to request it be deleted immediately.

I have gained this information from you directly and through no other means unless YOU have asked me to discuss you with a third party. I use Acuity Scheduling for booking most sessions which is a scheduling platform company that abides by the GDPR rules.

Your information is NEVER shared without your consent and you have the right to have it removed at ANY time (within reason of information I am legally required to hold for HMRC purposes.) Please contact me should you wish to do so.


The information you pass on is used in a variety of ways;

  • For me to keep accurate records of my clients for HMRC purposes, which include invoicing.
  • So I can refer back to our previous work should you return as a future client, (this can help us both to plan your treatment).
  • To provide evidence of clients I have worked with to my accrediting body. This entails, your name, email address, the dates and number of hours that we worked together. They may contact you in the future to confirm this in relation to me as a practitioner. They also have privacy policies in place. They are the ICF and NCH.

I am registered as a Data controller with the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) and if you have any concerns, or feel your rights have been breached, you can make a report here

If you have any questions about your privacy or data, please contact me on