Pregnancy & Birth Courses


Personalised hypnobirthing, antenatal anxiety relief and pregnancy hypnotherapy courses online and across the UK



Pregnancy Hypnotherapy

Sometimes hypnobirthing on its own is not enough and you might need specialist help to overcome specific fears or emotional issues during pregnancy.

We offer a safe and effective way of working with you during your pregnancy using Cognitive Hypnotherapy.

Personalised Hypnobirthing

We will support you to get ready with confidence for birth. Our key aim is to empower you to feel free to choose what is right for you.

Our hypnobirthing approach is based on the Cognitive Hypnotherapy philosophy combined with the latest birthing tools for more comfort, relaxation and confidence.

The Confident Childbirth method combines amazing Cognitive Hypnotherapy with the latest hypnobirthing

pregnancy anxiety hypnobirthing for calmer birth

Pregnancy anxiety & phobia release

Break free from overthinking, physical stress symptoms and panic about what might happen. Tokophobia can be debilitating as are other types of phobias. We can help you release in a safe and effective way. 

pregnancy after loss

Birth after loss or difficult IVF journey

Pregnancy after miscarriage or after a challenging IVF experience can be overwhelming and emotional. Through a gentle process and creating a space for you to feel grounded, manage your emotions and feel ready to embrace positive birthing.

Birth trauma recovery and hypnobirthing

Better birthing after previous birth

It’s possible to create a more empowered and positive journey this time. Whether you need to heal from birth trauma in a safe and gentle way, planning a VBAC or , just want to feel so much more empowered this time, contact us as we would love to help.

pregnancy anxiety and hypnobirthing

Positive birthing for all choices

A c-section can be an empowering, gentle and beautiful birth experience. A home-birth might be the best experience for others. A more medicalised birth can be the most positive experience. There is no one way.

Be empowered to make positive choices and feel good whatever happens on that day. 

The Confident Childbirth Hypnobirthing course includes:


Each hypnobirthing course incorporates these key elements. There is no set agenda, but rather we will guide you through what you need, and tailor the course content to suit you.


  • Understanding the mind/body connection and the power of beliefs
  • Exploring the role and importance of the birth hormones 
  • Releasing fears, managing emotions and learning to trust the body
  • Resolving birth related anxiety including overcoming previous relevant experiences/trauma
  • Learning the power of self-hypnosis, breathing and visualisation techniques
  • Understanding how the mind creates pain and how to manage birth sensations
  • Knowing the birth partner’s role and ways to support a calm, supportive space
  • Creating an empowered mindset so you feel free to make the right choices for you
  • Bonding with baby and feeling ready for the post-natal period

You can find out more by searching for a practitioner and asking for a call to discuss what you need. 

Empowering you

Our core mission is to empower you and help you feel ready for birth and beyond. We understand how important this time is for you, and how fears or anxiety can get in the way. We are here to help you feel calmer and more confident to make the right choices for you.

Courses can be in person, groups or online. Find a practitioner to discuss what you need and what is available near you.