Pregnancy Hypnotherapy & Hypnobirthing

From pregnancy anxiety to birth confidence, calm & choice

calm hypnobirthing

Hypnotherapy for a calmer pregnancy and empowered birthing

pregnancy anxiety hypnobirthing for calmer birth

Pregnancy anxiety, phobias & fears

Learn to release fears, resolve anxiety patterns, and overcome birth related phobias in a safe way. You can break free from overthinking, physical stress symptoms and panic about what might happen.

What is pregnancy anxiety?

7 self-help tips to reduce pregnancy anxiety


pregnancy after loss

Birth after loss or difficult IVF journey

Pregnancy after miscarriage or after a challenging IVF experience can be overwhelming and emotional. Through a gentle process and creating a space for you to feel grounded, manage your emotions and feel ready to embrace positive birthing.

Mixed emotions about being pregnant after IVF

Birth trauma recovery and hypnobirthing

Better birthing after previous birth

It’s possible to create a more empowered and positive journey this time. Whether you need to heal from birth trauma in a safe and gentle way, planning a VBAC or just want to feel so much more empowered this time, contact us as we would love to help.

pregnancy anxiety and hypnobirthing

Positive birthing for all choices

A c-section can be an empowering, gentle and beautiful birth experience. A home-birth might be the best experience for others. A more medicalised birth can be the most positive experience. There is no one way.

Be empowered to make positive choices and feel good whatever happens on that day.

Do any of the following apply to you?


  • Experiencing anxiety symptoms & stress related physical symptoms whilst pregnant
  • Having intrusive thoughts and endless overthinking or rumination about the birth or being a parent
  • Unable to bond or connect with this pregnancy, or even think about the birth
  • Distrusting your body & feeling disconnected from yourself or others
  • Feeling alone, guilty or low even though you want this baby
  • Worrying that something awful is about to happen
  • Scared of specific aspects of birth or a repeat of past difficult experiences
  • Phobic of needles, blood, medical settings or something else related to birthing
  • Wanting to cry or feel stressed when other people talk about how exciting it is that you’re having a baby
  • Searching the internet and social media for answers which only leaves you feeling even worse
  • Avoiding anything which might trigger anxious feelings but wanting to also take action to get ready for the birth

“I previously had 2 traumatic birth experiences, and Clare was brilliant at changing my whole perspective on birth and how to manage the experience. When the time came and I went into Labour, I was able to use the skills I had learnt and was able to stay calm and in control.

It was completely different and such a positive experience… I would highly recommend to anyone, I have learnt skills that will not only help in labour but can help me throughout life.”

Charlotte H, 2021

“I’m just so relieved that she’s here safely and impressed with myself!!

Thanks for all your support – I’m so pleased I found you and dedicated some time and energy to reduce the fear and anxiety and feel that ‘next time’, it’ll be a breeze… haha!”  
Ruth 2023

“….It was so intense but I felt like superwoman”


I was carrying a lot of negative baggage and I was determined to make sure that my birthing experience was a positive one. Clare worked with me 1:1 throughout every twist and turn of my pregnancy. She gave me the relevant information, knowledge and tools to handle whatever was thrown at me. Clare helped me feel prepared and empowered, which led to a really positive birthing experience.

Jo Jarvis, 2022

“….Our baby boy was born into the water and I am sure this calm start to his life helped to ensure a chilled baby in the first few days at home”

Davina, 2021 

Birth Partner Preparation

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