Hypnobirthing books & recommended reading





Hypnobirthing background and understanding:

 Like everything preferences for the best books about birth and hypnobirthing can vary. Many of the hypnobirthing books out there actually say the same thing but in slightly different ways. Here are a few recommendations to start you off. 

The key is to just get started with reading positive and up to date information for birthing. Make sure that the style of the book resonates with you. 

Here are a few which other clients have enjoyed and found useful:

  • Sophie Fletcher – Mindful hypnobirthing
  • Hollie De Cruz – Your Baby, Your Birth: Hypnobirthing Skills for Every Birth
  • Janay Alexander – Secrets of Confident Childbirth

This is the original hypnobirthing book, and the first few chapters offer some very useful insights and stories – Marie Mongan – Hypnobirthing

For Dads:

  • Mark Harris – Men, Love and Birth (some dads have really love this one)

Other useful positive birthing books: