Active birth & physical alignment

Getting ready physically




 Looking after yourself physically during pregnancy for physical alignment and posture:

Our focus in Confident Childbirth is on working the mind and emotions but practicing active birth, pregnancy yoga or other mind/body techniques is highly recommended to compliment the course. 

The key is to find gentle ways of staying healthy, encouraging baby into an optimal position, and aligning the pelvis. This can be as simple as being aware of good posture and having lots of breaks.

If you don’t fancy pregnancy yoga or an Active Birth class then simple exercises such as walking, or swimming can really help the body alignment and overall wellbeing.

Have a look at the spinningbabies website for more detail on why good posture and using different positions during pregnancy is important to help encourage baby into an optimal position for birth.

Some clients also find it useful to see a Chiropractor or Osteopath during pregnancy to check the alignment of their hips especially if experiencing any physical discomfort.